Wendy’s Chili



WW SP per recipe = 75 (10servings, 7.5sp) (8servings, 9sp)

There’s nothing quite like a warm, hearty cup of chili on a cool day. Wendy’s chili is a simple go-to for many folks, and the flavor is familiar and inviting; so much so that making Wendy’s chili at home is a hot commodity. Wendy’s chili is shockingly easy; you just need a few ingredients that are available everywhere and in no time you’ll be making your own Wendy’s chili at home.


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I am a Goldilocks kind of chili lover. I want mine not too thick but not too watery either.


This copycat Wendy’s chili recipe is just right. Also, did you know it is gluten-free?


I love Wendy’s chili but to be honest when I want chili I’m usually wanting to be at home and cuddled under the blankets while eating it. That is why I love this copycat recipe.



I can make it at home without having to get out of my pajamas, assuming I have all the ingredients.


Speaking of ingredients here is what you will need to make some for yourself.

What you need: 

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