Weight Watchers announces major change to name and mission

The rebranding includes refresh of mobile app, and partnership with meditation company Headspace.

Weight Watchers International is trimming its name.

The company will become known as “WW” as it rebrands itself as a health and wellness organization that goes beyond weight loss.

“We will never abdicate our leadership in the best healthy eating program for weight loss in the world, but we can be so much more today,” the company’s president and chief executive, Mindy Grossman, said Monday on TODAY. “We can inspire people for healthy habits, to help them eat better, move better, use their mind to help support their efforts and really be about total wellness.”


The change in a name synonymous with dieting also comes with a new tagline, “Wellness that Works,” intended to appeal to people who want to build healthy habits without necessarily focusing on weight loss.

The campaign to recast itself as a “technology experience company” includes a partnership announcement with Headspace, the popular meditation and mindfulness tool WW will incorporate into its updated mobile app beginning Oct. 4.

Upcoming changes to the app include revisions to its FitPoints program and the December launch of “Connect Groups,” which will allow users to find other like-minded members to share tips based on specific interest areas such as foods (gluten-free, vegetarian), hobbies (travel, hiking), and physical activities (running, yoga, getting started).



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