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2 Pounds of Large Peeled, Deveined Shrimp (Tails Removed) (0 Points)

2 Pounds of Cooked Chicken Breast (Shredded or Chunked) (0 Points)

1 Cup of Onion (Diced) (0 Points)

1 Cup of Celery (Diced) (0 Points)

1/2 Cup of Chopped Red & Green Pepper (0 Points)

1/2 Cup of Chopped Carrots (0 Points)

2 Diced Jalapenos, Seeded (0 Points)

3 Cloves of Garlic, Minced (0 Points)

1/2 to 1 cup of Chicken, Vegetable or Seafood Stock (0 Points)

1 Teaspoon of Crushed Red Pepper (0 Points)

1 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper (Ground) (0 Points)

Add Salt and Pepper to taste (0 Points)

Non-Stick Cooking Spray

2-3 Bags of Frozen Riced Cauliflower (Cooked) (0 Points)



  1. Spray a Dutch Oven with a generous amount of non-stick cooking spray over high heat.
  2. When hot, add celery, onion, all peppers, garlic and carrots. Toss until onion is translucent and vegetables are softened. If vegetables begin to stick, add a few drops of broth and stir until softened.
  3. Meanwhile, microwave the riced cauliflower until done and empty into another bowl. Add crushed red pepper, salt, pepper salt and cayenne pepper to vegetables and stir.  Now add remaining broth, chicken and shrimp to Dutch Oven, stirring frequently.
  4. Add cooked cauliflower rice and serve when shrimp are no longer pink.
  5. This entire recipe is 0 Points on Freestyle.



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