Keith Urban Grants Fan’s Last Dying Wish, Serenades Her At Her Bedside


This is why Keith Urban is the best! 😭❤️

25-year-old Melissa English’s life was changed forever when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and scoliosis. Her final wish was to see her favorite musician Keith Urban live, and she finally got tickets to see his concert performance in Toledo, Ohio.

Unfortunately, due to her rapidly declining health, she wasn’t able to make it. This didn’t change anything; with a little help from Nurse Jan Cassidy, a social media campaign was formed to bring the legendary country singer to her!

Keith Urban sooner or later saw the messages on social media and immediately visited her bedside at Mercy Children’s Hospital where they shared conversation, and he performed her favorite song “Blue Ain’t Your Color”.

Smiles lit the room as she marveled in wonderment and bliss while her dreams came true! Marissa’s mother shared some adorable memories of her love for Keith Urban, from musing to his records to hugging and kissing one of her pillows rapped with his t-shirt. Later that night, the ICU nurses went to Keith’s concert where he gave a shout out to Marissa and dedicated the entire show to her.

He was sure to remark without a doubt, “She is truly my biggest fan.” A true and genuine soul, Urban magnificently granted one final wish. From judging singing and talent competitions to gracing the stage with remarkable talent, this selfless act of kindness is truly one for the books. Are you a fan of Keith Urban? Go to YouTube and iTunes now to check out his latest music!

Such a heartwarming story! Make sure to pass it to your friends to warm their hearts as well. 


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