Dog Had To Have Its Tail Amputated After Cruel Groomer Twisted It 360 Degrees


The groomer became frustrated that the dog wouldn’t sit still.

 A man in Florida was recently taken into custody breaking the tail of a dog.

James was working as a groomer when he physically abused a German Shepherd who was receiving a bath.

The groomer became frustrated that the dog wouldn’t sit still. He grabbed the dog by the tail and pulled it closer.

The excessive force ended up breaking the dog’s tail.

groomer breaks dog tailFlorida is one of the numerous states that are beginning to revamp their laws surrounding animal abuse.

The groomer was taken into custody and is being charged with a felony for his actions.

He decided to get violent with the animal out of frustration. This action was seen as a crime in the state of Florida.


Everybody knows that animals can be stubborn at times. In fact, the most loyal pets can even misbehave.

Lashing out in anger is never a productive response to these scenarios.

groomer breaks dog tail

When James lifted the dog’s tail into the air, the pressure ended up breaking the bone in the tail. He was immediately fired after the video was reviewed.

The German Shepherd is actually a service dog in use by a man with PTSD. In a local interview, the owner revealed that the dog is his best friend.

He was heartbroken to see the awful video that showed the abuse. After returning home from the groomer, the German Shepherd was acting oddly.

After a visit to the hospital, it was revealed that the dog’s tail had been broken….

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