58-Year-Old Man And 40-Year-Old Horse Help Each Other Through Life’s Hardships With Their Bond


In the last eight years, the two have not spent even a single night apart from each other.


Donnie MacAdams and Waco Hanover

Once a popular racing purebred, Waco Hanover now spends his free time relaxing with his human best friend.


Donnie MacAdams is 58 years old and owns Waco Hanover. He keeps him in Vermont at Rough Terrain Farm.

This standardbred horse was never very good at racing and typically lost against other horses, but he is definitely proven that he is able to live longer than most of them.

At the ripe old age of 40, Waco has now outlived his owner’s expectation after moving away from their farm around 10 years ago.

MacAdams lives in a small apartment located above the barn that his horse lives in.

Living in close proximity to each other is what MacAdams feels has contributed to how long his horse has lived.

In the last eight years, the two have not spent even a single night apart from each other.

When Donnie first adopted his horse, he was told he was dying and should start planning his burial.

Thankfully, the horse was not sick and happened to be just very lonely. After spending months on end getting to know each other, Waco started to improve.

Even though MacAdams was offering his support a friendship to his horse, he was getting a great friendship in return.

After suffering a heart attack, MacAdams contributed much of his recovery to spending time each day with his beloved horse.

If it weren’t for having each other, it is assumed that neither of them would still be alive today. Their friendship is a bond that is beautiful and unbreakable.


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